Containerized Cargo – LCL / FCL

The container – an international standardized and registered steel box - which is being commercially used, since its introduction in the USA in 1956, is able to load various commodities (general, liquid, refrigerated and/or dangerous cargo).The enormous advantages – they simplify the transport and loading of goods significantly. It is nevertheless essential to define the right type of container that is best suited for the safety and volume of the goods to be transported. Therefore please see information container specifications.

Particularly in this regard we are glad to share our long-term experience and consolidated expertise in the transport industry with our customers. Whether flat, high cube, open top or reefer – our key personell always find exactly the right type of container for the job. From a single crate to large-scale projects involving several hundred containers, we take care of planning, transport and delivery.

Nevertheless, it has to be clarified whether the goods concerned are in fact containerizeable. If this is the case, the next step is to determine the intended route. In doing so we naturally work together closely with all international shipping companies and agents to enable us to always offer customised transport routes.°

We can offer as follows:

  • worldwide shipping if requested door/door-service for LCL & FCL-shipments
  • own service contracts with steamship lines
  • personal point of contact
  • customs clearance
  • container stuffing
  • transport insurance
  • cargo tracking
  • transportation expertise / transport consulting services
  • possible necessary transport packaging
  • issuance of export documents – if requested as per Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits – UCP 400 latest edition
  • first-class individual customer service at competitive and attractive conditions
  • and many more

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