Rolling Cargo (Ro/Ro)

So-called rolling cargo such as tracked or road vehicles including trailers are being transported via shore-based and/or ships-ramp thru bow-, stern- or side gateways onboard or from the Ro/Ro-vessel. Containers and pallets, etc. will be stowed on rolling equipment, e. g. roll-trailer.

Roll-On/Roll-Off shipping e. g. of your construction machinery is at the core of our business. Since the inception of our company, we have worked very closely with leading manufacturers to successfully transport dismantled machinery using this fast and efficient method of shipping.

We can offer as follows:

  • worldwide shipping if requested door/door-service
  • own service contracts
  • automotive crossovers
  • transportation expertise / transport consulting services
  • loading-surveys and risk management
  • personal point of contact
  • customs clearance
  • transport insurance
  • cargo tracking
  • issuance of export documents - if requested as per Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits - UCP 400 latest edition
  • first-class individual customer service at competitive and attractive conditions
  • and many more

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